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Get it translated before docking in the next port

Published on Apr 22, 2020


Get it translated before docking in the next port

In addition to the human devastation of the ongoing pandemic, many negative byproducts are emerging. The invention of a new word, covidiot doesn’t quite balance the scales on the challenges the human race has to face due to COVID-19, both personally and professionally. For global trade, it is an unprecedented effort to adapt to something this big and disruptive by finding new routes and tools. Moreover, the adaptation has to happen simultaneously while dealing with daily business.

If your business forms one of the links in the global supply chain, then you find yourself facing exactly this problem. The global health crisis did not magically prevent us from needing goods and services or parts and components, many of which are produced by international suppliers, and hence our need for the continuation of global trade.

Just like us humans, countries are not self-sufficient. On the contrary, the interaction between one another is needed, preferably in a form we call trade. Yet, the backbone of global trade, the maritime logistics industry, is dealing with multiple problems due to COVID-19, including delays.

Maritime logistics and laws have always been a complex subject - a machine if you will, whose parts are being kept in sync through intricate sets of rules. In our interconnected world, we have not paid attention to how fragile this system is. The first response of some countries has been naval lockdowns or movement restrictions. Some manufacturers and/or retailers have not been able to deliver or pick up their cargo or containers. Those who have been able to do so, perform with delays due to reduced workforce in the docks around the world. A very time-sensitive industry is now being tested by its biggest nemesis - time itself.

Do not let translation be another delaying factor…

MotaWord has always been there to provide our fast and accurate translation services to the maritime industry, and COVID-19 can not stop us from doing that. As a platform model, our operations continue unhindered while we recognize and deeply sympathize with the industries that are affected more by the pandemic. We know that the maritime industry faces multiple additional challenges at docks and ports, with customs and permits, and we would hate to see timely access to documents in the needed language becoming one of them. With our expert linguists in the maritime industry, engineering, and maritime laws, MotaWord keeps on providing the fastest professional translation known globally.

Whether it is custom declarations or technical manuals, specifications, marketing texts, analyses and reports concerning export and/or imports… We are here to translate them for you, 24/7. Landing bills, ISO, ATA, CE documents, TÜV certificates, consignment notes? All the same. You can obtain an instant translation quote by clicking this link, and order your translation right away. We will get it translated before your ship docks in the next port.

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