Published on Jun 29, 2018

by Kali Faulwetter

We are recognizing our professional translators this summer. All 14 thousand of them... With the start of July comes the start of #MotaWord’s First Annual Social Media Contest for Translators! 

September 30th is the International Translation Day, an annual celebration paying tribute to all the wonderful translators around the world. Held in honor of the patron saint of translation, St Jerome, who was the first to translate the Bible from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, #MotaWord would like to give our professional translator community a chance at friendly competition.

We love collaborating with #MotaWord translators on a daily basis to create a better world, providing the global community with access to information in their native language. You — our translators — are an integral part of this mission. To appreciate your dedication and let more people around the world know about the behind-the-scenes work you're doing, we decided to celebrate this year's International Translation Day with our three-month long First Annual Social Media Contest.

From 8am PST, June 30, 2018, until 8am PST, September 30, 2018, we're launching our #FromWhereIWork competition.

Open to all #MotaWord registered translators, our Social Media team is calling for picture representations #FromWhereIWork! Ending on International Translation Day, September 30th, #MotaWord registered professional translators have three months to complete the tasks listed below.

Our unique business model allows for all of our colleagues and translators to work remotely. In an effort to come together as a global translation team, if you are a translator registered with #MotaWord, take a picture of your workspace with any #MotaWord representation included and share it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t forget to hashtag, #FromWhereIWork and #MotaWord, to be eligible for prizes.


  1. Translators should take pictures of their workspace showcasing #MotaWord and reflecting their unique surroundings. Some examples include, but are not limited to: a laptop or iPad logged onto the #MotaWord website, translating by hand in a #MotaWord notebook, etc. Get creative and show us who you are!

  2. “Like” MotaWord on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via the contest widget at the end of this article.

  3. Only one post per translator, per week. Each week we will select a winner based on originality and picture quality. Weekly winners will have their photo showcased on #MotaWord social media.

Our prizes include:

  • A 14 inch Acer Chromebook (that is all you need to participate in projects on MotaWord),
  • A #MotaWord Swag Bag complete with #MotaWord T-shirt, #MotaWord baseball cap, #MotaWord pen, #MotaWord notebooks, and #MotaWord Stickers,
  • The honor to be featured on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook (the top chosen posts at the end of each month will be featured).

We would love to see how your workspaces reflect your inner and outer world. Will we see your sunset view from your office window that brings you continued inspiration? Perhaps a shot of you trying to work while your cat sits on your keyboard begging for a break? A photo of you relaxing in an exotic location that reminds us all why we are so lucky to work remotely?

All you need is a browser, a laptop, and a creative attitude to translate with us. We love how easy it is to work for #MotaWord, and we know our translators love it too! Start participating today by simply sharing, hashtagging, and “like”-ing your way to great prizes that prove #FromWhereIWork is truly unique.

MotaWord’s First Annual Social Media Contest

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